Penatriation Testing Service

Today ‘knowledge’ is the most important asset of institutions and organizations, and any security vulnerability to be likely experienced may lead to seriously destroy survivalibity of them. It is necessary to periodically perform Penatriation Tests in systems and network which data is processed, transported and stored, and examine their possible resistance to external and internal cyber attacks.

Pentest is a three-phased test event:

  1. Data collection
  2. Test applications
  3. Reporting

Training and Consulting

London Bridge IT offers the knowledge and experience being acquired as a result of trainings taken, and applications developed in engineering works to customers as trainings. Besides it shares the achievements gained in collaboration with leading technology providers in their sectors such as Java, Angular JS, Node JS, ASP.NET, Basics for Cryptography & Applied as corporate training and consultancy services.

Software Development

London Bridge IT utilizes the open source technology to quickly develop unique software with platform-independent and low-cost that can be easily built and adapted to new business models.

The open source technologies used are Spring, JEE, Spark, LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), Python, Perl, Open Ni, Open CV, Java 8, Angular JS, Node JS etc.

London Bridge IT also keeps track of recent innovations in Microsoft technology to develop original software.

Microsoft technologies used are  WPF, C # , C ++, HTML5 , JavaScript, MVC, WebForms, WebAPI, the WCF, the Xamar, Devexpress, XAF, dataz that.



London Bridge IT enables some qualified people to lease institutions and organizations so that they employ them to the areas needed.

Mobile Application Development

London Bridge IT has developed mobile applications for IOS, Android, reaching a certain level of competence in this area.

The developed products include:  Emergency Calls, Phonebook Application, My Calorie, Calorie Counts, Exam Maker, Labyrinth Game, Calendar Converter, Warning Application, Radio Stations List, Taxi Tariff, Wall Paper (Best Full HD).