Cyber Security

Cyber Security has become a necessity today due to such social engineering attacks increased as DDoS, Botnets, SQL injection. We offer services in the field of cyber security.

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Training and Consultancy

London Bridge IT enhances collaboration with leading technology providers in its sector to share its achievements as institutional training and consultancy services.

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London Bridge IT has participated in the projects both national and international since its establishment, either alone or in consortium with by multiple companies.

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Since 1993

Objective and Principles

Objective is becoming a leading company in the business solution and information technology sector to improve the respected corporate identity further.


Engineering works (design, production, installation and system integration, post-sales support), and training & consulting services can be performed simultaneously; each of which is displayed individual care and attention. The knowledge and experience to be acquired in due time may improve motivation for the staff to develop capabilities further, and make marketing products and services more fruitful.

Observing the Corporate growth and creating job potential the flexible and adaptable organizational structure can be preserved to employ the staff in proper areas & branches based on their qualifications.

Business development will be strictly performed in compliance with the privacy rules and quality standards in all stages, ranging from bidding work and product delivery to training & consulting services and maintenance in the guarantee process.

It will be paid strict attention to advertising the company and enhancing its image.