Our Approach


About Us

London Bridge Information Technologies is established in London in 2016 to provide a fast cost effective solutions on an integrated system and software infrastructure with public institutions & organizations as well as medium and large-sized private businesses, by taking advantage of the latest open source and Microsoft technologies.

In spite of having in the IT sector, it has become highly specialized in Cyber Security in due time to develop business in the fields of defense and security, and provide training and consulting services. Furthermore it has achieved a certain level of competence on Mobile Technologies, Big Data, Software Engineering and Outsourcing.

The Cyber Security engineering works help him have great experience which can be used in the IT sector as well.

The staff composed of specialized and competency employees is the biggest capital of London Bridge IT. With their support, it has been assumed an active role in meeting the country’s business solutions and information technologies requirements.

Our Story


Produce different solutions for different Customer’s requests to meet effectively the needs and prospects of Customer’s resources and business productivity.

Provide IT products & services with international Quality Standards to balance between quality and cost by taking an approach based on customer satisfaction.

Become a reliable international company which can design original products by improving technological capabilities and work performance with the R&D efforts.

Employ a number of employees who renew their knowledge and skills with desire of improvement themselves, and make a higher sense of belonging, duty and responsibility, as well as have a facility of teamwork and a strong ethical values.


Become a favored international company at home and abroad to adapt innovations and lead changes by closely monitoring technological improvements on informatics


Objective and Principles

Objective is becoming London Bridge IT a leading company in the business solutions and information technologies sector to improve the respected corporate identity further.


-Engineering works (design, production, installation and system integration, post-sales support), and training & consulting services can be performed simultaneously; each of which is displayed individual care and attention. The knowledge and experience to be acquired in due time may improve motivation for the staff to develop capabilities further, and make marketing products and services more fruitful.

-Observing the Corporate growth and creating job potential the flexible and adaptable organizational structure can be preserved to employ the staff in proper areas & branches based on their qualifications.

-Business development will be strictly performed in compliance with the privacy rules and quality standards in all stages, ranging from bidding work and product delivery to training & consulting services and maintenance in the guarantee process.

-It will be paid strict attention to advertising the company and enhancing its image.